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Historians attribute its erection to the ancient-Armenian king Trdat who adopted Christianity as official religion in 301.
This 1953 find is.9.9 m mosaic.
Its center shows a code reduction alltricks 2014 man's a woman's heads in rectangular frame with the words Ocean and Sea in Greek.
The Sun Temple suffered too.The reflected beams brightly lit the statue of Mitra and showed people the miracle of the Divine Sun.One of them is the mosaic floor made in the best traditions of the fine arts of ancient Armenia.The temple stands on the hill surrounded with vineyards surrounded with beautiful mountain gorge from three sides.But in the temple was restored thanks to the skilled specialists and local residents who had collected the pieces the destroyed building on the neighboring slopes for several years.The temple's facade is decorated by 24 slender Ionian columns crowned by the roof reduction pathe le mans with a triangular pediment.Elegant's, information Descriptionen1Garni temple Sourceown Author, elegant's.Moreover, there you will find the ruins of the royal palace and baths built according to the Roman methodology. .Garni is remarkable with a number of historical and architectural monuments of the Hellenistic and early Christian era.The mosaic was made from 15 varieties of local stones from the Azat river canyon.Garni Fortress is one of vivid evidences of centuries-old culture of pre-Christian period in Armenia.The temple's basis is a high basalt podium with a wide staircase leading from the facade.The museum-reserve is situated on the territory of 5 hectares, 28 kilometers away from Yerevan.Today the temple of the Sun God has been restored in its original shape with separate missing elements replaced with modern ones.The temple is distinguished by magnificent furnish.In 1679 Armenia was struck by the mighty earthquake which destroyed numerous buildings.The most prominent among them are Garni temple and the fortress of the same name.The small size precious stone mosaic was inlaid on mortar.The stone cut ornaments, the bas-reliefs of kneeling human figures on a podium of the same temple, the basalt columns, the eaves, the capitals decorated with well preserved carving showing grapevines, pomegranates and other elements of ancient Armenian ornamentation testify about the high degree.
From there you will see the huge Ararat Valley with white tops of the Ararat, the fantastic Azat river gorge and pink rocky spurs of the Geghama Ridge.
The setting of the mosaic depicts various sea gods and fishes.