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Office cubicle noise reduction

Mine definitely understood the toll taken by noise and helped plan seating arrangements accordingly.
But this move toward a more open, collaborative space has an interesting drawback, the Harvard Business Review noted in March 2015: noise.
Other executives have lauded the strategys effectiveness in increasing privacy in their open-office layouts.
A 2013 study from the University of Sydney found that a lack of sound privacy was far and away the biggest drain on employee morale : Further, a 2014 study by Steelcase and Ipsos found that workers lost as much as 86 minutes per day.Build a social wall with headphones.They deal with a lot of designers who want a particular theme or a different look, Calder says.Provide loud spaces, too.He would say, what I know about acoustics is carpet and drapes can do the trick, Van Dessel says.If youre finding that a poorly placed printer or loud officemates are causing too many distractions and interrupting your work, alert an office manager or human resources director of the issue.This goes without saying.Acoustical Surfaces now also makes sound-absorption panels that look like wood, and sound-permeable paint that can help disguise a panel as a piece of art.Whereas pink noise is different octaves of the same frequency, white noise is a combination of various frequencies packed into one channel of sound.Here are some ways I coped with cubicle hell, and some new methods Ive discovered since.Fans, desktop water fountains, and listening to flowing water sounds on your headphones are all great ways to take the edge off. .